Project Goals

Mission Statement:

The San Diego Bay Watersheds Common Ground Project was created to incorporate data from water quality monitoring programs and integrate this data on a watershed level using a web-based interactive application to serve as a broad communication, education and decision-making tool; and to further develop the region's capacity to understand and assess processes affecting our water resources.

The primary goals of the San Diego Watersheds Common Ground Project are to:

  1. Achieve measurable water quality improvements throughout San Diego Bay by undertaking a targeted monitoring program that will support the development of three Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) in the Bay.
  2. Enhance understanding and management of the San Diego Bay watershed by developing a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and supporting data management tools to integrate and optimize monitoring data collected by local and state agencies, citizen groups, educational and research institutions and local businesses.
  3. Reduce pollution into San Diego Bay by undertaking a comprehensive outreach and education program that will increase awareness of watershed issues and promote adoption of non-polluting behaviors among local residents and students.
  4. Build the capacity of community-based water assessment efforts to improve regional understanding of our water resources so that point and non-point pollution sources can be readily identified and abated.